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Apply, verify and sign your loan documents before 3:00pm weekdays to receive your cash within one hour!*

Are you in need of emergency cash and don't have time to wait? That's the reason why most borrowers apply for a short-term loan - because they are in a financial bind. Sometimes 24 hours is too long to wait for funds when you need cash in a hurry.

FasteFunds understands that different customers have different needs and we want to help you get the money that you need into your bank account as quickly as possible. The sooner you receive your cash, the sooner that helpless feeling that accompanies a stressful financial situation will dissipate.

Any customer who has been approved for a loan from Fastefunds can request a same-day credit. When you receive a same day credit, the funds are sent via a wire transfer to your bank account by the end of the business day on the same day that you are approved (not including holidays or weekends).

There is a $20 fee for a Same Day Cash Advance which is taken directly off the top of your loan; it is not added to your repayment amount. For example, if you are receiving a $400 loan and request a same day transfer, you will receive $380 dollars in your bank account within an hour.*

Fast eFunds processes Same Day Credits twice each business day. In order to get your same-day transfer set up in time we need to have your approved loan documents by 3:00pm Eastern Time. This is the latest time that we can send the request to your bank. It is then up to your bank when they will process the transfer. In our experience, credit unions are usually one day behind other banks in processing time, so keep this in mind if you bank with a credit union.

To apply for cash today, begin by clicking the link below to go to the customer application page.

*Funds will be released by FasteFunds within one hour to your bank, however, the availability of those funds is determined by your specific bank policies.

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